LIFE Skills Program - Ms. Harding-Boyd

The following materials and supplies are necessary for the upcoming school year.  This list covers all subjects within the LIFE Skills program. This list will provide you with everything you will need for the start of the school year.  More materials may be needed as the year continues.  I would like for all items to be kept in the classroom. 

  • Pencils (2 packs)

  • Pens (black or blue, 2 packs) 

  • Pencil case or plastic storage case

  • Tissues (3)

  • Standard ruled notebook paper (2 packs)

  • 2 spiral notebooks

  • 2 composition notebooks 

  • Gym clothing: shorts/sweat pants and T-shirt

  • Clear tape

  • 3 packs of index cards

  • colored pencils or crayons and markers

The following will be necessary for all students participating within our vocational and education program.  * Items will be kept and utilized on all community and job 
sites experiences.

  • 2 pair of khaki/denim pants or black/navy*
  • 2 white golf shirts (non-wrinkle) or black or navy*


*These materials are available in stores throughout the community.


Thank you for your continuous support!

LIFE Skills Program